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Always Follow Vehicle Maker Procedures

We often receive Ask I-CAR inquiries asking: “what does I-CAR recommend?” Many times these questions are in regards to sectioning, straightening, or part replacement/attachment methods. Our first response is always:

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File Belt Sander For Rivet Removal

We first mentioned the file belt sander in the Collision Repair News Article - Working With Boron-Alloyed Steel back on June 9, 2014. Did you also know that it can be quite the useful tool for removing rivets?

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Aluminum Welding Technique Quick Tip

Push, pull, or both, which is the direction to go? Many are familiar with the pull and push techniques associated with steel welding. As we have learned from past experience, with welding, technique is key. Let’s take a look at what technique you should be using for aluminum welding.

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Shunting The Current When Spot Welding

The squeeze-type resistance spot welding (STRSW) process sometimes requires initial help in the form of shunting the current flow. If you have ever used STRSW equipment for repairs you have likely done some shunting, either knowingly or not. A sound spot welding repair requires being aware of when shunting the current is taking place and how to shunt properly.

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