When to Apply Corrosion Protection During the Repair Process

A key factor in collision repair, is making the repair last. When a vehicle is repaired, many areas get disturbed, which will then require corrosion protection to maintain a quality repair. However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken to safely and properly apply corrosion protection. Ask I-CAR received information on a vehicle that received corrosion protection before welding was completed. The fumes from the propellant ignited inside the rocker and exploded, causing major damage to the vehicle. Let’s look at how to prevent this from happening.

Almost all OEMs give specifications on applying corrosion protection. OEMs generally include seam sealer, adhesives, foam fillers, and cavity waxes as corrosion protection. Some of these materials should be applied before welding, such as adhesives, when adhesively bonding. Foam fillers are normally applied before refinish material application. Seam sealers may be applied before or after refinishing, depending on the product maker specifications. Cavity waxes are normally applied after refinish materials but, before installing trim. If corrosion protection is not applied during the correct step of the repair process, it can cause refinish defects and fire hazards.

Sometimes you will have to remove corrosion protection before repairing a vehicle. Foam fillers, seam sealers, and cavity wax can all pose a fire hazard. Many body repair manuals will show the locations of foams, seam sealers, and cavity wax, that may be hidden, so they can be removed before cutting or grinding. Additionally, there are times when you may have to further disassemble the vehicle to gain access for corrosion protection application. Drilling holes to gain access is not recomended.

Always refer to the body repair manual for information and safety precautions before starting a repair.

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