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The Ask I-CAR team continues to field calls stating: “I was sent the wrong rivets.”

The squeeze-type resistance spot welding (STRSW) process sometimes requires initial help in the form of shunting the current flow. If you have ever used STRSW equipment for repairs you have likely done some shunting, either knowingly or not. A sound spot welding repair requires being aware of when shunting the current is taking place and how to shunt properly.

FCA/Stellantis has released a position statement related to pre- and post-repair system scanning.

In case you missed it Shawn Crichley and TJ Palesanos from Honda R&D America Inc. presented "New Global Model Introduction: The All-New 2016 Honda Civic" at Great Designs in Steel 2016.

Looking to boost employee engagement? Try hosting a lunch and learn session via Collision Hub News Network CHNN - Autobody Repair News monthly videos.

This summer’s SkillsUSA Championships, June 20-24 in Louisville, KY is just around the corner. The contestants that won their state competition are currently practicing for the upcoming Nationals. From there, the National winners will then have the privilege to compete at the 2017 World Skills Competition in Abu Dhabi. All of this is only possible due to the support of the industries that support the various competitions.

In case you missed it Shawn Morgans from Ford Motor Company presented “AHSS Technologies In The 2016 Lincoln Continental D544” at Great Designs in Steel 2016.

As OEMs continue to evolve the joining technologies used for new steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and mixed material vehicles, I-CAR often gets questions of “what does this mean for the collision repair industry?”

In case you missed it Henric Lindberg from Volvo Car Corporation presented "Advanced high strength steel technologies in the 2016 Volvo XC90" at Great Designs in Steel 2016.

Over the past few months, we've been sharing OEM position statements on restraints wiring repairs. Now we're bringing them all together in one place for easy reference.

In case you missed it Jeff Tessmer, Tom Domlovil, and Chris Hartley from Nissan North America presented AHSS Technologies in the 2016 Nissan Titan XD at Great Designs in Steel 2016.

I-CAR launched its Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal in 2014 in response to the industry’s need for a tool that could provide better, faster access to repair information with the click of a button. Since its launch, the RTS Portal has provided thousands of repair solutions to technicians and shop owners and managers, with new solutions being provided every day. In order to continuously support the high-demand for this service and help sustain future RTS growth initiatives, full access to the RTS Portal is now being offered as a subscription service. Let's take a look at how this service can work for you.

The question is often asked, "Can supplemental restraints system wiring be repaired?" The answer is: it depends on the vehicle maker. Let's take a look at Ford and Lincoln position on this subject.

This week, we were at Great Designs in Steel 2016 and saw some great presentations on vehicle structures. Some of the trends in body construction were expected and some were unexpected.