How Does the I-CAR OEM Linking Pin Process Work?

I-CAR launched its Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal in 2014 in response to the industry's need for a tool that could provide better, faster access to information for repairing today's vehicles. The RTS initiative includes the Ask I-CAR feature. This is where you are able to submit collision repair questions. But what happens when a procedure or answer to your question isn't readily available in the OEM information?

This is where the OEM linking pin mechanism comes in as it provides a direct path to an OEM or product maker. A special form is provided to the inquiring party, and from there, the question is escalated to the correct person. The turnaround time could be the same day or take longer depending on the complexity of the repair question/clarification. However, there may be times when questions will be sent on to an OEM engineer. When this happens, it could possibly take a few days or even months to obtain an answer. In these cases, the answer may not help you with your current repair, however the answer could help in future repairs and the industry at large.