I-CAR Just In Time: Honda/Acura MIG Brazing Destructive Testing

Sometimes seeing is understanding, that’s why I-CAR's technical team created the Just in Time video series to guide you through a variety of collision repair topics from ADAS and EVs to repair tips and tricks. These videos enable you to, in less than 5 minutes, learn something new. Let’s check out what the team has for Honda/Acura destructive testing for MIG brazing.

This Just In Time video demonstrates the process of destructive testing MIG brazing welds for Honda/Acura vehicles. The video demonstrates how to properly perform the destructive test and visually determine proper silicone bronze filler transfer. Each unique joint requires a test joint and passing destructive test prior to brazing on the vehicle.

An important note in the video is the clarification of the separation method which in the body repair manual (BRM) states: “Cut the test piece to separate lengthwise...” Cut is not the best translation; the original Japanese version describes for the joint to be peeled.

This information is found vehicle-specific body repair manuals (BRM) under Body Repair Basics ➤ Basic Welding Information ➤ Repair Procedures ➤ MIG Brazing -MIG Brazing Joint Inspection.

The information provided in this video only applies to Honda/Acura vehicles. Always follow OEM welding requirements, including destructive testing to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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