Honda/Acura: Additional High-Strength-Steel Welding Wire Approved

The Honda/Acura high-strength-steel welding wire has seen several changes in the past few years. The biggest change was going from Bosch DS980J to Bohler Union X96 welding wire. To answer the increased demand for the welding wire, Honda/Acura has expanded their list of welding wire types and suppliers.

Along with the Bohler Union X96 through Pro Spot and Honda Snap-on, Honda/Acura has added Titan Technology EQ-5029X96 and Washing Alloy Eagle-Arc 980X to their welding wire product line. Per the recent Honda Body Repair News: Additional High-Strength-Steel Welding Wire and Acura Body Repair News: Additional High-Strength-Steel Welding Wire , “All three options have a wire size of 0.8 mm (0.030 inch) in diameter and are used for welding joints in high-strength-steel of 590 MPa and higher. You can also use them for welding lower grade steel but are not necessary to provide the required strength.”

Just a reminder that even though the Bosch DS980J has been discontinued, the wire can still be used. It is also important to note that the wire can only be used on 1,500 MPa where directed by the vehicle-specific OEM procedure.

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