Honda/Acura: UHSS Spot Welding Tip Specification

As you may already be aware, Honda/Acura body repair manuals (BRM) specify spot welding conditions for ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS) in their procedures. However, you may have noticed that the procedure does not identify the type of spot welding tip to use. Let’s take a look at what tip to use and where this information can be found.

Per the Spot Welding Conditions for Ultra High-Strength Steel Parts (1180 & 1500 MPa) document: “The welding condition values described in the above list are determined by experiments using test pieces, zinc primer coating, preheat, and specified tip shapes (Round-16)”. This means that for best results, the Round-16 (R type) spot welding tip should be used.

Why is this tip the best option for spot welding? The document, Spot Welding - Selecting Electrode Tips, shows the differences in spot welding tips, including the R type. The R type welding tip is rounded which allows it to maintain the best contact to the surface while the current is flowing through it. Per the Spot Welding - Selecting Electrode Tips document for the R type electrode tip: “Because the electrode tip is rounded, the electrode easily sinks deeper into the work piece surface as the welded surface softens. This increases contact between electrode tip and the work piece allowing efficient current flow”

Make sure to check with your equipment supplier to find the correct electrode tip for the spot welder being used on Honda/Acura vehicles.

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