Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Subaru

Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Subaru

Did you know that many OEMs specify nugget size for spot and plug welds? This information is typically found within vehicle-specific repair procedures or can be found under general welding guidelines. Let’s see what Subaru has to say.

Subaru gives a chart of spot and plug welding guidelines in the Foreword of each vehicle-specific body repair manual. To find this information:

  1. log on to the Subaru service site
  2. Go to the Quick Reference Search area of the webpage
  3. Select Service Manual from the Choose Publication Type dropdown
  4. Search for a vehicle by entering a VIN and click Search
  5. Open the body repair manual by clicking on the download icon to the right

The chart specifies what spot welding current, compression, and welding time is required for different panel thicknesses. On the same chart, specifications for plug welding are also given.

Per the body repair manual, Foreword:

  • "For new spot welding, avoid previously welded locations.
  • After spot welding, inspect the welding locations, and if the weld appears to be insufficient, perform plug welding."

Subaru does not specify diameter of spot welds, however, the chart gives plug weld diameter sizes that vary according to panel thickness. Subaru states: "At locations where spot welding is not possible, use a punch or a drill to open holes for plug welding..."

The body repair manual also calls out spot welder settings required for the ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS) body components being welded within replacement procedures.

Follow OEM welding requirements, including what nugget size is required, to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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