OEM Linking Pin: Spot Welding On Nissan/INFINITI

OEM Linking Pin: Spot Welding On Nissan/INFINITI

You’ve been asking us if Nissan/INFINITI allows spot welding on their vehicles, because the body repair manuals (BRM) only shows plug welding in the replacement procedure. Through our I-CAR linking pin activity, we reached out to Nissan/INFINITI for the answer. Let’s take a look at their response.

The short answer is yes. If the spot welding arms can reach, the steel is 980 MPa or lower, and the spot welder parameters (found in the vehicle-specific BRM) are followed, then spot welding may be used instead of the plug welds that are shown in the replacement procedure. When welding steel higher than 980 MPa, Nissan/INFINITI BRM states: "Never spot weld ultra-high strength steel of tensile strength more than 980 MPa. For this type of ultra-high strength steel, perform plug welding." That means if 1,500 MPa steel is being welded, plug welding is the only option. If 980 MPa steel is being welded, then spot welding or plug welding may be done.

Nissan/INFINITI also has some additional spot welding requirements. The "Body Repair Manual - Fundamentals - 2015 Edition" states: "Generally, the capacity of repair shop spot welding machines is smaller than that of factory welding machines. Accordingly, the number of points of spot welding should be increased by 20% - 30%. Note: the number of spot welding points in NISSAN/INFINITI BRM have already increased 20% - 30% compared to the factory welds. Avoid welding over previously welded areas."

For more information on spot welding Nissan/INFINITI vehicles, reference the "Body Repair Manual - Fundamentals - 2015 Edition" and the vehicle specific BRMs at www.nissan-techinfo.com or www.infiniti-techinfo.com/.

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