Working With Boron-Alloyed Steel - Attachment GMA Welding

B-pillar and rocker panel reinforcements are often replaced at factory seams.

When GMA welding ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS), like boron-alloyed steel, there are a few additional things to consider. Most UHSS parts are typically replaced using squeeze-type resistance spot welds (STRSW) at a factory seam and GMA plug welds used to attach the part where a spot welder cannot reach.

Some vehicle makers like Honda and Acura have specific guidelines and restrictions when welding on 1,500 MPa steel.

When replacing UHSS parts, continuous seam welds should not be used unless it is identified in the vehicle maker repair procedure. If the vehicle maker repair procedure includes a continuous weld on UHSS, the skip, or stitch, technique should be used to help control the heat-affect zone (HAZ).

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