Non-SRS Wiring Repairs

When repairing a vehicle that has been involved in a collision, you may notice that there are damaged wires, connectors, and other components of the wiring harness. Some of the damaged wiring harnesses are considered non-SRS. As the RTS team researched non-SRS wiring repairability options from OEMs, we have compiled this information into a series of articles.

What is a non-SRS wiring repair? It is the repairing of the electrical components and wires that are not part of the supplemental restraints system (SRS) circuitry (usually identified by yellow wire looms). As technology increases on vehicles, so does the number of components that utilize electricity. Many of the sensors and modules are very precise and more sensitive to changes in voltage. If the wire is too long, the wrong gauge, or spliced in the wrong location, it may cause malfunctions. Many OEMs have different restrictions and guidelines for repairing wiring that does not control SRS components. On the other hand, there are OEMs that don’t allow wiring repairs at all, so full harness replacement is the only option.

It is important to read and follow OEM procedures to be certain what electrical wiring repairs can be carried out to help achieve a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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