Non-SRS Wiring Repairs: Maserati

What is a non-SRS wiring repair? It is the repairing of an electrical component that is not part of the supplemental restraints system circuit (usually identified by yellow wire looms). As technology increases on vehicles, so does the number of components that utilize electricity. Many of the sensors and modules are becoming smarter and more sensitive. If the wire is too long, the wrong gauge, or spliced in the wrong location it can cause malfunctions in the components that it’s powering. Many OEMs have different restrictions and guidelines for repairing wiring that does not control SRS components. On the other hand, there are OEMs that don’t allow wiring repairs at all, so full harness replacement is the only option.

Maserati provides a document titled 00.30.005 80 Connectors Repair - Replacement Warnings. This document is found in vehicle-specific Workshop manuals ➤ Sections ➤ 0 Maintenance and Technical Data ➤ 00.30 - 1 Preparation of Special Tools. To open the document from the list, click on the wrench icon to the right. It may also be found in the connector specific repair procedure as a red hyperlink. Within this document are warnings, recommended tools, and splice repair procedures. Maserati states:

“Warning: use only wires and connectors provided by Maserati.”

The service bulletin (Circular Letter MAS000766) New Maserati Tools: Wire Harness Connectors - Repair and Replacement Starter Kit Maserati states:

"...Maserati forbids repairing wires with wire gauges greater than 4 mm..."

This bulletin is found under Technical Bulletins. Click the Publish Date column to sort by date. Scroll down to find the bulletin with a publish date of 12/12/2015.

Maserati offers multiple ways to locate a connector in the workshop manual that may be repaired.

If you know the part number for the connector, you can find the procedure under vehicle-specific Workshop manuals ➤ Sections ➤ 8 Electrical Systems And Devices ➤ 08.62 - 1 Connectors. If you click the connector you need, it scrolls the list on the bottom to your desired connector. On the far-right side, a wrench icon takes you to the procedure.

Another way to find connectors and procedures is in the Cable Index. Find the Electrical manual (icon next to the workshop manual) ➤ Cables (second from the left) ➤ Wiring (first icon on the left). This area has depictions of harnesses to easily find which one you are repairing. Once you click on the picture of the harness, a new screen with a zoomed in view opens. All the connectors are indexed on the left side of the screen. Connectors with a wrench icon have repair procedures, the sprocket icons take you to the parts manual for order information.

It is important to read the service and repair manuals to make sure what repairs can be carried out and where, to achieve a complete, safe, and quality repair.

For additional Maserati information, check out the Maserati OEM information page.

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