Non-SRS Wiring Repairs: Mazda

What is a non-SRS wiring repair? It is the repairing of an electrical component that is not part of the supplemental restraints system circuit (usually identified by yellow wire looms). As technology increases on vehicles, so does the number of components that utilize electricity. Many of the sensors and modules are becoming smarter and more sensitive. If the wire is too long, the wrong gauge, or spliced in the wrong location, it can cause malfunctions in the components that it’s powering. Many OEMs have different restrictions and guidelines for repairing wiring that does not control SRS components. On the other hand, there are OEMs that don’t allow wiring repairs at all, so full harness replacement is the only option.

Mazda has documents in their workshop manual for repairing non-SRS wiring harnesses. To find this information:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login (upper right corner)
  3. Enter username and password (center)
  4. Click Submit
  5. Click Electronic Service Information (upper left corner of the webpage)
  6. Click Open Electronic Service Information (middle of the of the webpage)
  7. Click View Content (light gray tab, upper right)
  8. Click Select Model
  9. Click Go
  10. Click Workshop Manuals
  11. Click General information
  12. Click the sub-category General Information
  13. Click Wiring Harness Connection Procedure, or
  14. Click Repair-Use Connector Replacement Procedure

The above listed documents go into detail about different types of wire repair methods. Here are just a few examples of what these documents specify about wire repair:

  • "Soldering for a long period of time could affect the surrounding electrical circuit. Apply soldering for an extremely short period of time"
  • "Perform the work being careful not to melt the insulation of the wiring harness due to excessive heat."
  • "Do not damage or cut the cores of the wiring harnesses. After finishing the work, inspect the wiring harnesses for damage or cutting of the cores, and re-do the work if necessary."
    • When Mazda uses the word "core" they are referring to the wire strands inside of the insulation. This means that when stripping wires for repair, do not cut the wire strands. If the strands are cut, the repair must be re-done.

It is important to read the service and repair manuals to make sure what repairs can be carried out and where, to achieve a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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