Non-SRS Wiring Repairs: Volkswagen

What is a non-SRS wiring repair? It is the repairing of an electrical component that is not part of the supplemental restraints system circuit (usually identified by yellow wire looms). As technology increases on vehicles, so does the number of components that utilize electricity. Many of the sensors and modules are becoming smarter and more sensitive. If the wire is too long, the wrong gauge, or spliced in the wrong location it can cause malfunctions in the components that it’s powering. Many OEMs have different restrictions and guidelines for repairing wiring that does not control SRS components. On the other hand, there are OEMs that don’t allow wiring repairs at all, so full harness replacement is the only option.

Volkswagen provides procedures and guidelines for wiring repairs that can be performed. To find this information, go to Once logged on:

  1. Click on Service Information (top of webpage)
  2. Select Guided Search under the Search Parameter (middle of webpage)
  3. Select the year, make and model of the vehicle using the dropdowns
  4. For the Category 1 dropdown, select Repair Manual
  5. Leave the Category 2 dropdown blank
  6. Click Search

In the search results below, download the Electrical Equipment General Information manual. Once the manual is open, go to category 97 – Wiring and locate the subcategory for Wiring Harness and Connector Repairs.

The manual specifies special tool kits needed to carry out wiring repairs, as well as instructions on how to repair certain diameter wires. Here are some examples of what you will find in this manual per the Wiring Harness and Connecter Repairs category:

  • "Soldering is not permissible for repairs to the vehicle electrical system.
  • Make sure that crimp connections do not lie directly next to each other when several wires need to be repaired. Arrange the crimp connectors at a slight offset so that the circumference of the wiring harness does not become too large."

It is important to read the service and repair manuals to make sure what repairs can be carried out and where, to achieve a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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