Non-SRS Wiring Repairs: Rolls-Royce

What is a non-SRS wiring repair? It is the repairing of an electrical component that is not part of the supplemental restraints system circuit (usually identified by yellow wire looms). As technology increases on vehicles, so does the number of components that utilize electricity. Many of the sensors and modules are becoming smarter and more sensitive. If the wire is too long, the wrong gauge, or spliced in the wrong location it can cause malfunctions in the components that it’s powering. Many OEMs have different restrictions and guidelines for repairing wiring that does not control SRS components. On the other hand, there are OEMs that don’t allow wiring repairs at all, so full harness replacement is the only option.

Rolls-Royce provides documents to aid in determining and performing wire repairs. The following documents can be found in vehicle-specific repair manuals ➤ Repair Instructions ➤ 61 General Vehicle Electrical System:

  • 61 00 Notes On Handling Wiring Harnesses & Cables
  • 61 00 Notes On Handling Optical Fibers
  • 61 13 Cutting To Length And Stripping Insulation From Cables
  • 61 13 Butt Connector For Repairing A Plug Connection

On the Technical Information System (TIS) home page there is a tab for videos. A video is offered for Performing Wire Repair Butt Connector. This video highlights the documents previously mentioned and explains how to do the repair. This is not a replacement for the repair manual. Prior to performing any wire repairs carefully review all available information to ensure the safety of the technician and vehicle passengers.

For additional Rolls-Royce information, check out the Rolls-Royce OEM information page.

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