Identifying The Correct Body Repair Manual: FCA/Stellantis

Vehicle makers may group their body repair manuals (BRM) in several different ways. Sometimes the BRMs are grouped by a year range, some are listed as VIN specific, and others are arranged by a body code. Let’s take a look at FCA/Stellantis to see how they group their BRMs.

FCA/Stellantis uses a two-letter code to identify BRMs of models with the same name, but different structures and configuration. The two-letter code can be seen next to the model name on the dropdown list while searching for vehicles on the service site. For example, the 2018-2020 Jeep wrangler has a body code of "JL". These body codes are helpful because there is also a 2018 Jeep Wrangler with a "JK" body code. This means that there are two different body styles or configurations with the same name in 2018. Searching for a BRM by entering the VIN is a great way to ensure you are referencing the correct manual.

Body codes are important when it comes to ordering parts, looking up repair procedures, and measuring the vehicle. This is especially true when a vehicle maker continues to build a previous generation model when the new generation model is being produced as well, like the Wranglers mentioned above. With different body codes comes differing procedures and precautions. Always make sure the correct BRM is selected before beginning repairs.

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