Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Tesla

Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Tesla

Did you know that many OEMs specify nugget size for spot and plug welds? This information is typically found within vehicle-specific repair procedures or can be found under general welding guidelines. Let’s see what Tesla has to say.

Tesla welding information is typically found in the General InformationPerforming A Structural Repair On A Tesla Vehicle Preparing For Installation area of model-specific body repair manuals (BRMs). Here you find the information for spot and plug welding, including the following information:

  • "When installing spot welds to replace factory spot welds, match the number and location of the new spot welds to the number and location of removed spot welds, unless explicitly directed differently in the repair procedure.
  • When securing steel-to-steel panels, if your approved welder and C-frame accessory arm can access the original factory spot weld location, installation spot welds are recommended instead of the fasteners specified in the repair procedure."
  • Plug welds on aluminum up to 1.6 mm thick require 9 mm holes.
  • Plug welds on steel up to 1 mm thick require 6mm holes.

Specifications are not given for plug weld hole size for aluminum and steel panels greater than the thicknesses above.

Tesla does not provide specific information on spot weld tips, but in the BRM under Repair GuidelinesStructural Repair Guidelines, Tesla states to only use approved welding wire and welders for spot and plug welding. Approved tool information can be found in the Approved Parts, Tools, And Supplies area of the BRM.

Following OEM welding requirements, including what nugget size is required, will help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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