OEM-Approved Connector and Pigtail Repair Kit Resources

OEM-Approved Connector and Pigtail Repair Kit Resources

When confronted with wiring harness repair, we often struggle finding the correct connector and pigtail repair kits. Often a specific connector may be used on multiple applications. If the connector is allowed to be replaced, what resources are available to locate approved wiring connector and pigtail repair kits?

When performing wiring harness repairs the best resource for information is the service manual provided by the vehicle maker. Vehicle makers will often have websites which contain useful documents and guides to help when ordering repair materials, parts and even repair procedures. Below is a list of vehicle makers which provide other information for wiring repair and connector replacements.

It is important to read and follow OEM procedures to be certain of what electrical wiring repairs can be carried out, the necessary materials, and what procedures are needed if repairs are allowed.

Alfa Romeo

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