OEM-Approved Connector and Pigtail Repair Resources: FCA/Stellantis

When confronted with a wiring harness repair, we often struggle finding the correct connector and pigtail repair kits. Often a specific connector may be used on multiple applications. If the connector is allowed to be replaced, what resources are available to locate approved wiring connector and pigtail repair kits? Let’s see what is available from FCA/Stellantis.

FCA/Stellantis offers a website for locating approved wiring connector pigtail repair kits plus other information.

To find wiring repair kits go to the Mopar Connector Repair Kit website. This website provides different search options for identifying wiring repair kits. If the connector number or kit number is not known, it may be found by using the year and platform or connector gender and cavities search options.

Besides repair kits, the website also offers information on recommended repair material including splice repair kits, tools, tie strap clips and battery terminals. To find the Wiring Repair Parts List, click the Repair Parts link on the top right of the webpage.

Located also on the top right side of the webpage is the Splicing Procedure link. This provides the Standard Procedure - Wiring Splicing. This document makes it easy to reference the recommended tools and materials for the splicing procedure.

For FCA/Stellantis service information, go to: stellantisiop.com

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