OEM-Approved Connector and Pigtail Repair Resources: Ford/Lincoln

When confronted with a wiring harness repair we often struggle finding the correct connector and pigtail repair kits. Often a specific connector may be used on multiple applications. If the connector is allowed to be replaced, what resources are available to locate approved wiring connector and pigtail repair kits? Let’s see what is available from Ford and Lincoln.

Ford/Lincoln has an online 2020 Wiring Pigtail Kits catalog. To find this free resource:

  1. Go to parts.ford.com
  2. Click Shop Parts (top of webpage)
  3. Enter Location to select a dealer (first time visiting)
  4. Click Electrical
  5. Click Wire Looms and Connectors (near bottom of webpage)</li>
  6. Click Download Wiring Pigtail/Terminal Kits Identification Guide

The 2020 Wiring Pigtail Kits catalog has different ways to locate a connector.

Option 1: Applications

  • Used to identify a connector part number
  • Will provide connector part numbers by part name, grouped by models and separated by year ranges

Option 2: Buyer’s Guide

  • Where a specific plug may be used
  • Shows which parts and applicable models a part number is used

A visual reference of some repair connectors can also be found on parts.ford.com. Search the part number in the Enter Keyword/Part Number text box. Then click the search icon.

Seeing images can help verify that the correct part is being ordered. If a connector repair is needed, always refer to Ford/Lincoln vehicle-specific repair information prior to performing the repair.

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