OEM-Approved Connector and Pigtail Repair Resources: Honda/Acura

When confronted with a wiring harness repair, we often struggle finding the correct connector and pigtail repair kits. Often a specific connector may be used on multiple applications. If the connector is allowed to be replaced, what resources are available to locate approved wiring connector and pigtail repair kits? Let’s see what is available from Honda/Acura.

Honda/Acura has an online parts catalog which offers vehicle-specific specific connector diagrams. To find these diagrams:

  1. Go to dreamshop.honda.com
  2. Select Honda Parts or Acura Parts (center of webpage)
  3. Click Select Vehicle (top of webpage)
    • option 1: Manually select Year, Model and Trim
    • option 2: Enter VIN
  4. Click Search
  5. Click Electrical/Exhaust/Heater/Fuel
  6. Select area from file tree (left side of webpage)
    • option 1: Click Electrical Connectors (FR)
      • Provides connectors pigtail and terminal joint information for front electrical components
    • option 2: Click Electrical Connectors (RR)
      • Provides connectors pigtail and terminal joint information for rear electrical components

Honda/Acura highlight available connector pigtails and terminal joints on the diagram. They also provide the component name under the location column.

The Honda/Acura Dreamshop parts catalog provides part numbers, visuals, and location of available repair connectors. Seeing the general shape and location of an available connector helps to verify that the correct part is ordered. Always refer to Honda/Acura vehicle-specific repair information prior to performing a connector repair.

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