BMW/Mini: Repair Stage 2

Figure 1

In this series, we will be highlighting the four different BMW Repair Stages. Though not each of the stages may apply to a particular repair, it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with each. The stages are located in vehicle-specific body repair manuals under 0 Contents of Body, General - Repair Method section (see Figure 1). Let’s take a closer look at the additional information available in Repair Stage 2.

Repair Stage 2 focuses on “repairs that are carried out by bonding and riveting and/or welded with MAG welder without the use of a straightening bench.” The key to this area is that the various repairs addressed do not need the use of a straightening bench. As with the prior repair stages, this section is applicable to BMW, MINI, and BMWi models.

The specific repair techniques covered are:

  • Removing the damaged part - this section provides various links on how to remove welded, brazed, riveted, and bonded on panels. Here you will also locate the recommended tools and precautions for grinding on steel and aluminum parts.
  • Sectional repair - here you will find the detailed procedure how to construct a reinforcement plate (bonded) or reinforcement plate with stud bolt (bonded or welded). Vehicle-specific procedures will specify which will be needed, depending on the repair.
  • Installing new parts - this area provides comprehensive information on:
    • consumables and adhesives
    • the recommended tools and equipment needed for installing various rivets
    • bonding on painted / primed surfaces
    • welding steel components
    • cavity sealing
    • EMC screws

Being diligent with reading and understating the complete procedure is vital to completing a safe and quality repair.

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