BMW/Mini: Importance Of Reading Procedure Hyperlinks

When it comes to repair information, no two vehicle makers are the same. Which is why it's critical to understand what you are reading in the repair procedure. Many OEMs provide links within the repair procedure that expand on what needs to be completed. Often, some related procedures may appear missing because they have to be accessed via a link within the main procedure. Let’s take closer look at BMW’s repair procedures.

For example, the 2018 BMW X5 outer quarter panel sectioning procedure states, “Prepare reinforcement plates (bonded) at all severance cuts.” However, the reinforcement plate procedure is hidden in plain sight. The procedure is accessed by clicking on the reinforcement plate hyperlink. The link will bring you to a procedure on how to prepare the reinforcement plate for installation.

Often there are various hyperlinks throughout BMW repair procedures. These links can also show you what products to use in body cavities, seams, and other various products that are important in completing a repair. Being diligent with reading and understating the complete procedure is vital to completing a safe and quality repair.

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