Ford On Target 2017: Volume 1 - Super Duty Frame

Ford has released the first installment of their On Target publication for 2017. One of the articles discusses the construction and repairability of the frame on the 2017 Super Duty. Ford has made the 2017 Super Duty an all-aluminum body, over a steel frame following suit of the F-150. With mixed materials, special considerations need to be taken with the frame construction. The article describes what materials the frame is comprised of, and how it is constructed. Also, what parts are available for repairing the frame after a collision. Let’s take a look at the new Super Duty frame.

The Super Duty frame is now fully-boxed and all-welded, which is a change from previous generations. The frame is also constructed of 95% high-strength steel (HSS). There are five HSS crossmembers, along the frame, that are through-welded, and an additional four or five mid-and-rear bolt-on crossmembers (depending on wheelbase size). Also, there may be bolt-on frame extensions for some models.

Per the Ford On Target 2017: Volume 1 article: "Similar to the repair plan for the F-150, Ford engineers kept repairers in mind when developing Super Duty repair procedures, creating several frame repair kits to help reduce overall repair time and save some vehicles from being declared total losses. Each frame repair kit is detailed with its own individual instruction sheet, which comes packaged with each service part."

The article includes the names of the six frame repair kits available, along with the instruction sheet number that goes along with the kit. Also, they say "Additional repair-specific information on the Super Duty is planned for future editions of On Target, including a closer look at the front apron tube and the differences and similarities with the apron tube on the F-150."

Also, the article stresses the importance of following OEM procedures throughout the repair process, and also, provides several ways to obtain this information.

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