Ford/Lincoln ADAS Information Document

Ford/Lincoln has a document that covers advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) information. The document provides an overview of all ADAS and components in one convenient location.

The document, Ford and Lincoln ADAS Job Aid, can be found on the website.

To find these documents on the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Resources tab (top of webpage)
  3. Click on ADAS
  4. Scroll down to Job Aids
  5. Click on link for ADAS Job Aid

The ADAS Job Aid is divided into the following tables:

  • System Description - contains the system name, abbreviation, and a description of the system.
  • Component Location - contains the name of the component and locations where it is typically mounted.
  • Calibration - contains the name of the component, when calibration is required, and notes that provide details on the calibration.

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