Subaru: New Car Information Manual

Subaru offers many online publications on its paid service site, from owner’s manuals to service manuals. These are essential resources when servicing and/or repairing a vehicle. There is, however, one you may not be aware of, or may not have thought to utilize - the New Car Information manual.

The New Car Information manual is a supplement to the service manual and the information located under the Service Diagnostics section of the website. The manual is designed to provide information on updates or additions to systems or features on an existing model. This information may be integral to understanding the repairs that are required for a vehicle.

For example, the site shows a service manual that covers the 2019-2020 Impreza/Crosstrek. It also provides the New Car Information manual that covers what is not included in the 2019-2020 manual. An example that highlights the importance of this supplement is the change to the lane departure prevention system on the 2020 Impreza/Crosstrek. Per the New Car Information manual:

The deactivation conditions of the lane departure prevention feature have been changed.

Change of deactivation conditions
In existing model vehicles, the lane departure prevention feature was immediately deactivated when the driver used the brake, but in the case of a constant or slower deceleration, it has been changed such that the feature continues to work even while the brake is engaged, improving the driver’s peace of mind.”

Not being aware of this system change, may lead to improper diagnosis of an issue existing with the lane departure prevention system. Knowing where to find, and utilizing OEM information is important to ensure, a complete, safe, and quality repair.

For additional Subaru information, check out the Subaru OEM Information page.

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