Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Hyundai

Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Hyundai

Did you know that many OEMs specify nugget size for spot and plug welds? This information is typically found within vehicle-specific repair procedures or can be found under general welding guidelines. Let's see what Hyundai has to say.

Hyundai provides their welding requirements in one central location in the body repair manuals (BRMs) under: Body Repair – Body Panel Repair Procedure - General Information. This page is broken down into numerous areas. There are specific areas that highlight spot welding and GMA (MIG) plug welding.

It is important to note that the Hyundai body repair manuals state in the Determining a Welding Method category: "It is extremely important that appropriate welding methods, which don't reduce the original strength and durability of the body be used when making repairs, try to use either spot welding or MIG plug welding. Do not braze any body components other than the ones brazed at the factory. Do not use an oxy-acetylene torch for welding." Hyundai also provides a chart that determines what diameter plug weld hole is needed, depending on panel thickness.

Some key spot welding items from Hyundai:

  • It is the most reliable welding method
  • Do not spot weld where it is thicker than 3 mm
  • When spot welding, increase the number of spot welds by 30% (1.3 times the original number of welds)

Hyundai states the following about to the use of GMA (MIG) plug welds:

  • Use when spot welding can’t be done or spot welding is not necessary
  • Do not exceed 1 mm of space between parts to be welded together
  • Use the same number of welds as the number of factory welds

It is important to note that whether using spot welds or GMA (MIG) plug welds, Hyundai specifies to: "Do a test welding on a piece of material of the same type and thickness as the part to be welded and proceed if the test welding is good."

Follow OEM welding requirements, including what nugget size is required, to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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