Mercedes-Benz Position Statement: Steering Components

The steering system on a vehicle could be considered one of the most important and necessary systems on a vehicle. After all, without steering the driver couldn’t control the vehicle. This makes it important to know what the OEM recommends when it comes to this system. Let’s take a look at what MBUSA has to say.

The MBUSA Steering Components position statement provide guidelines for when to replace steering components during a repair. The information is important to be aware of as MBUSA states that some steering parts that are damaged, may not be externally visible.

Per the MBUSA Position Statement re: Steering Components:

  • “the steering gear must be replaced if components of the front axle or steering gear, or any part of the steering linkage, are deformed or damaged.”
  • It is not possible to test a steering gear for damage in the shop.
  • “the steering gear is to be replaced in cases of doubt”
  • If the engine compartment paneling or steering plate is damaged the steering gear must be inspected for damage.
  • If the steering-wheel airbag is deployed the steering wheel and steering column tube must be replaced.

For additional Mercedes-Benz information, check out the Mercedes-Benz OEM Information page.

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