Ford On Target 2024: Volume 1

Ford has released the first installment of their On Target publication for 2024.

Ford On Target 2024: Volume 1 features:

  • BlueCruise lane centering information
  • Ford and Lincoln specific I-CAR collision repair courses
  • Mach-E vehicle-specific body construction

High-voltage (HV) battery minor damage and inspection service information has been added to the Mustang Mach-e Workshop Manual (WSM). The service information provides detailed information for the repairability of specific areas of the HV battery enclosure.

Also, Ford has details on the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) pertaining to blocked sensors. Ford states:

  • "Blockage sensing becomes active after the wipers are activated.
  • A blocked states is not a system fault, but a normal mode of operation under blocked conditions."

Always reference the vehicle-specific Ford and Lincoln WSM for the most up to date service information.

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