Tesla Position: Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning - UPDATE

We often receive the Ask I-CAR inquiry: "Does Tesla have a position statement on pre- and post-repair system scanning? Do they plan on coming out with one?"

Tesla vehicles do not use diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) like those found in other manufacturers vehicles. Instead, the system will store alerts that denote and record an event of interest. Alerts can include faults and abnormal behavior. The critical distinction is that Tesla alerts are for event-based troubleshooting instead of fault condition-based troubleshooting, according to Tesla. If there is an OBDII connector, it may not give you the access you normally have to the vehicle data without the Tesla Toolbox software and wiring adaptors.

Tesla offers information on their recommended diagnostic strategy on their website. Below is the recommended process to diagnose a Tesla vehicle:

  1. Enter Service Mode following the instructions in Service Manual ➤ Inspection and Service ➤ Service Modes
  2. Use Service Mode to view the recently asserted alerts on the vehicle
  3. Read the troubleshooting description on the touchscreen within Service Mode

Per Diagnostic Service: "If the path to repair is still unclear, purchase a Diagnostic Software subscription to access the diagnostic article for the alert within Toolbox to view more information and common possible causes."

Scan tool requirements are built into the service manual. The specific procedures being performed generally have a step that states a scan tool is required to complete this procedure.

Service Mode is Tesla’s primary source of information for the most common repairs and operations done to vehicles. "Service Mode is a diagnostic and repair interface available on the vehicle touchscreen to help both internal and third-party technicians service Tesla vehicles more efficiently."

The next level of access for Tesla vehicles is Service Mode Plus. Service Mode Plus adds to the capabilities of Service Mode, including advanced functionalities for repair professionals with a subscription to Toolbox, Tesla’s diagnostic software.

While Tesla does not have a position statement that the repair facility needs to perform a pre- and post-repair scan of the vehicle, scanning is part of the OEM repair procedures and is the only way to know how the vehicle is functioning on arrival and if all necessary repairs have been completed prior to delivery. Always refer to the relevant industry best practice and OEM repair information to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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