Paint Maker ADAS Radar Optimized Color Resources

Changes in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) radar technology are introducing new refinishing considerations. Paint film thickness not only may affect the performance of ADAS radars, color formula selection may also be a contributing factor. What resources do repairers have available?

How can color affect the performance of ADAS? Aluminum flake size, shape, and concentration may influence the signal of the radar that may negatively affect its performance. A weakened signal may prevent a radar from detecting an object accurately which could lead to a potential collision.

This series dives into some resources offered from paint makers relating to radar optimized colors. This may include:

  • Technical bulletins available from a paint maker
  • How they designate a radar optimized color formula in color retrieval software
  • Other related documents

Improper color selection may cause ADAS to malfunction and potentially fail. Check OEM repair information to identify what restrictions may apply to the repairs you are considering. Always verify that the ADAS is functioning properly after completing repairs.

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