Paint Maker ADAS Radar Optimized Color Resources: Axalta

Changes in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) radar technology are introducing new; refinishing considerations. Paint film thickness not only may affect the performance of ADAS radars, color formula selection may also be a contributing factor. What resources do repairers have available? Let’s see what Axalta has to offer.

We reached out to Axalta for available resources relating to ADAS radar optimized color formulas. Our contact provided the following:

  • Axalta Coating Systems Technical Bulletin Advance Driver Assistance Systems
    • Overview on why Radar Approved Paint formulas are created
    • Shows how Axalta designates Radar Approved Paint formulas in ColorNet
  • Axalta Coating Systems Automotive Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Considerations
    • Quick guide for Radar Approved Paint
    • Tips for retrieval, preparation, and painting

Axalta Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technical bulletin states:

  • ""Certain types of coatings can affect ADAS differently than others. Coatings that contain high concentrations of aluminum can cause decreased radar signal transmission, negatively affecting ADAS operation. When the radar signal is blocked by a coating, the ability to accurately detect objects can be affected."
  • "For colors where the radar transmission loss exceeds the threshold set by the vehicle manufacturer, in certain circumstances, Axalta will be able to create a Radar Approved Paint formulas ("Radar Approved Paint”) that will not affect the radar system."
  • "In ColorNet, Radar Approved Paint formulas will now have an icon associated with them... ColorNet will also display a pop-up message that will read: “This formula was created to facilitate radar transmission.""

Improper color selection & application may cause ADAS to malfunction and potentially fail. Check OEM repair information to identify what restrictions may apply to the repairs you are considering. Always verify that the ADAS is functioning properly after completing repairs.

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