GM ADAS Information Document: UPDATE

General Motors (GM) has a document that covers advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) information. The document provides an overview of all ADAS and components in one convenient location.

The documents, Driver Assistance Systems Configuration Reference (Document ID # 5577683) and Important Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Considerations (Document ID # 5834891), can be found on the website. To find these documents on the website:

  1. Log on to (subscription required)
  2. Click Access under My Subscriptions
  3. Click the link to Find A Document By Its ID
  4. Type the document ID # (5577683 or 5834891) in the Enter a Document ID field
  5. Click Search

The Driver Assistance systems Configuration Reference (Document ID # 5577683) is divided in to four tables:

  • System Description - contains the system name, Regular Production Option (RPO) code, abbreviation, and a description of the system.
  • Component Location - contains the name of the component and the various locations where it is typically mounted.
  • Calibration - contains the name of the component, when calibration is required, and comments that provide detail on the component calibration.
  • Slow Calibration - contains the name of the component and provides information on factors that may increase the length of time for a dynamic calibration.

The Important Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Considerations (Document ID # 5834891) goes into detail about the following topics:

  • Overall impact of using non-OEM parts
  • Obstructing ADAS sensor areas
  • Vehicle modifications

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