Audi Collision Repair And Material Guides

Audi has available to the public, three documents to aid in the repair of their vehicles. These documents are not a replacement for OEM vehicle-specific repair manuals. They are a general informational resource that can be utilized to gain general knowledge of Audi vehicles and insights into the proper repair of them.

Audi Collision Frame Technology Guide provides details on the structure of 2006 - 2012 Audi vehicles and includes information such as:

  • Vehicle-specific body construction material identification
  • Factory joining methods
  • Factory joining definitions
  • Factory joining locations
  • Repair considerations

Audi Body Construction is a self-study guide that dives deep into the vehicle body. What it is, what it does, and what it is made of. This guide differs from the Audi Collision Frame Technology guide in that it focuses on the science of the materials, going down to a molecular level. This includes details on the manufacturing process of different materials such as steel and aluminum.

You will find detailed information on items such as:

  • Vehicle body history
  • Factory joining methods
  • Adhesive bonding
  • OEM corrosion protection and seam sealing
  • Steel and aluminum alloys
  • Steel treatments
  • Steel strength classification
  • Repair assessment and repair methods

Auto Body-Collison is a self-study guide that provides details on a number of different 2015 - 2019 Audi models. The information goes beyond just the structure and joining techniques. Specifics are given on certain aspects of each vehicle that are important for the collision technician to be aware of.

Specific areas of the vehicles discussed include:

  • Vehicle-specific body construction material identification
  • Seating
  • Instrument panels
  • Spoilers
  • Bumpers
  • Carbon fiber
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Liftgate/deck lid
  • Hood

It is important to always follow OEM procedures for repairs. Having a better overview and understanding of a vehicle or OEM process will contribute to a complete, safe, and quality repair.

Audi Self-Studies can be found on the Audi OEM Information page on the RTS website.

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