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Ford/Lincoln Has Video Procedures: 2019 Ford Transit Side Panel Replacement

Looking for more information about a specific repair procedure? Some OEMs are now providing videos within the repair procedures on their service site. Vehicle makers may also have additional websites that contain repair videos. As we research OEM websites and find these helpful videos, we will write articles to let you know. Let’s take a closer look at the 2019 Ford Transit side panel repair video.

The Ford Transit Side Panel Collision Report video covers many key aspects of the repair process. The first thing mentioned in the video is special tools needed to complete the repair. Types of adhesive, seam sealer, and flexible foams are also specified. The key aspects mentioned in the panel removal portion of the video are:

  • Preliminary procedures to be done before side panel removal
  • Where to remove spot welds
  • Where to section the panel, and why
  • Removal of adhesives, foams, and sealers

The video then goes on to explain how many welds should be used for the installation of the side panel. It also explains where to place those welds, based on the type of welding you will be doing. The key aspects mentioned in the panel installation portion of the video are:

  • How to prep the panel for installation
  • Drilling plug weld holes
  • Applying adhesives, sealers, and foams
  • How to stitch weld so the panel does not warp

This video also stresses to follow the written procedures, and to refer to the Workshop manual for special tools and materials needed for the complete repair. To find the Ford Transit Side Panel Collision Report video:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Collision Videos
  3. Click on the Transit Side Panel Collision Report
  4. video

Although videos can be extremely helpful, they are not intended to replace the written procedures. They are there to serve as a guide. Being diligent with reading and following OEM procedures is vital to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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