MIG Brazing: What, Where, When, And Why?

MIG brazing is becoming more popular than ever before. Different steel properties make them sensitive to the high temperatures that welding creates. MIG brazing solves the heat problem that welding creates by using a lower temperature to attach materials. MIG brazing comes with it’s own set of rules for use. Panel prep, technique, and machine setup all play major roles when it comes to using MIG brazing.

The article list below has a lot of great information, but it should not be the only information you use. Always consult the vehicle specific body repair manuals and get the correct training before using MIG brazing. Remember, MIG brazing is a great attachment method, however, there is a great deal of OEM engineer analysis used to identify the correct attachment method for each procedure. So, using MIG brazing as a substitute for a weld should never be done without documentation from the OEM.

MIG Brazing Articles

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