MIG Brazing Basics

ABRN published an article today titled, "MIG Brazing Basics," authored by Jason Bartanen, Director of Industry Technical Relations at I-CAR. Let’s take a look at this article.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) brazing has been a popular attachment method in other global markets for quite some time, but it’s only beginning to make its way into the North American market. And while there is no shortage of MIG brazing equipment on the market, most collision repair professionals are still unfamiliar with the process.

Before we get any more in-depth into what MIG brazing is, let’s first understand what it’s NOT. Today’s MIG brazing is not the same type of brazing many of us may have done with an oxyacetylene torch. The capillary action (more on that in a bit) principle is the same, but MIG brazing is using much less heat than an oxyacetylene torch. The lower temperature of MIG brazing is one of the benefits that makes this attachment method attractive to vehicle makers.

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