MIG Brazing Panel Preparation

In order to develop a best practice around MIG brazing panel preparation, I-CAR gathered a number of subject matter experts (SME) from vehicle makers, collision repairers, and insurance personnel. Now that the industry has completed the final review of the best practice, let’s take a look.

These recommendations apply only when there are no instructions from the vehicle maker.

MIG braze panel preparation best practice include:

  • Remove paint coatings in the weld area.
  • Leave as much of the zinc coating intact as possible. Leaving the zinc coating intact, it will aid in corrosion protection of the weld area. The presence of zinc in the weld zone does not affect the weld puddle formation or create excessive porosity.
  • Follow OEM corrosion protection guidelines after MIG brazing is complete.

The use of weld-through primer for MIG brazing is not recommended. Weld-through primer creates severe porosity in the weld zone; especially when making plug welds, two-hole plug welds, and slot welds. Even with the weld-through primer removed from the weld area, as you would during GMA plug welding, weld-through primer creates an unstable arc and extreme porosity for MIG brazing.

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