Ford/Lincoln Glass Replacement Requirements

Ford has specific requirements for vehicles equipped with forward facing cameras.
Ford has specific requirements for vehicles equipped with forward facing cameras.

The role of the windshield is a lot more complex than simply allowing a view of the road ahead. It is considered a structural part of the vehicle as it contributes to the strength of the roof and A-pillars. The windshield helps to manage collision energy and has become an integral part of several advanced safety systems.

It is commonly asked; what is required when replacing a windshield? With this question in mind, we will be presenting a series of articles that highlight some of the requirements from various OEMs. Let’s see what Ford/Lincoln has to say.

The information that we are looking for can be found in vehicle-specific Ford/Lincoln Workshop manuals. For 2016 model year vehicles:

  • Apply BETASEAL 43538 or equivalent body primer to damaged clearcoat areas that did not expose bare metal. Ford/Lincoln identifies BEATSEAL 43538 or equivalent primer.
  • Ford/Lincoln specifies Motorcraft Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner / ZC-23 (ESR-M14P5-A) to clean the inside of the new fixed glass.
  • Apply either of the following to the new fixed glass
    • Dow Urethane One Step Glass Primer / BETAPRIME 5500/5500a/5500SA
    • Sika Urethane Metal and Glass Primer / Sike 206 G+P
  • Ford/Lincoln specifies BETASEAL Express Dow Urethane Adhesive and Skia Tack ASAP Urethane Adhesive.

As a special caution from Ford, "NOTE: If any of the following conditions exist, the fixed glass must be discarded. A new fixed glass is required.

  • The fixed glass is the windshield glass and equipped with a camera bracket.
  • The fixed glass is equipped with adhesive mouldings."

To access vehicle-specific Ford/Lincoln windshield removal and installation procedures go to:

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