FCA/Stellantis ADAS Repair Planning: Do You Have All The Information?

FCA/Stellantis ADAS Repair Planning: Do You Have All The Information?

While researching body repair manuals (BRM) and service manuals, we're creating OEM-specific articles for additional information needed when repair planning. The goal of these articles is to help repairers create a more complete and accurate repair plan. One key aspect of repair planning is being aware of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) equipped on the vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at FCA/Stellantis.

When replacing components that contain a camera or sensor, it may not be enough to just look at the replacement procedure. Often it is important to also refer the Electrical category of the service manual (which houses the calibration information), as the replacement procedure may not mention that an attached component, like a camera, needs calibration after installation or replacement.

For example, let’s look at the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica. This vehicle is equipped with a forward-facing camera mounted near the rearview mirror that is removed when replacing the windshield. The windshield replacement procedure only says to “install the Forward-Facing Camera (FFC)”. It does not mention that the camera needs to be calibrated. However, one of the forward-facing camera calibration requirements is, “If the FFC and/or windshield has been removed or replaced.” This is not mentioned in the windshield removal and installation procedure.

The service manual, in most cases, provides hyperlinks within replacement procedures that take you from one necessary procedure to another. If the hyperlinks are clicked on and followed, they may eventually take you to important information on ADAS components. However, it is essential for a proper repair that procedures for ADAS components be looked at directly in the Electrical category of the service manual. This is just one of the many examples of why multiple procedures may need to be referenced to perform proper repairs on an FCA/Stellantis vehicle with ADAS.

When repair planning, it is always important to look further than just the specific replacement procedure. Additional operations may be needed, such as initialization or calibration procedures. Every OEM has a different way to arrange information in a BRM or service manual. It’s no longer as simple as looking up a single procedure. Being diligent with researching and understanding the complete procedure and any corresponding operations is vital to completing a safe and quality repair.

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