Weld-Through Primer Guidelines: Tesla - UPDATE

Weld-Through Primer Guidelines: Tesla - UPDATE

Weld-through primers are generally a zinc-based product that are applied to the mating surfaces prior to welding. Corroding zinc forms zinc oxide which protects the steel. This is called sacrificial corrosion. For a quality weld to be made it’s required that the weld-through primer be removed from the direct weld zone before welding the joint when GMA welding. Many OEMs have a position on when and how to use weld-through primer or when it shouldn’t be utilized. Let’s see what Tesla recommends and where this information can be found.

Weld-though primer recommendations can be found in vehicle-specific body repair manuals under: Collision Repair Procedures ➤ Approved Parts, Tools, And Supplies ➤ Approved Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot (STRS) Welders.

Within this area, there is a caution statement that identifies when to use weld-through primer. This caution statement is located at the bottom of Approved Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot (STRS) Welders. Tesla doesn’t call out a specific product but states to use a suitable zinc weld-though primer.

Tesla also provides recommendations how to use weld-through primer when performing plug welds. This information can be found in Collision Repair Procedures ➤ General Information ➤ Performing A Structural Repair On A Tesla Vehicle.

Tesla states:

  • "...2. Apply weld-through primer to the exposed metal surfaces between the panels in the plug weld area where adhesive cannot be applied and allow sufficient time for the primer to cure.
  • 3. Use a disc or belt sander with a surface conditioning abrasive product to remove the weld-through primer at the plug weld locations."

Use the vehicle-specific body repair manuals to determine which type of welding is required for the repair you are performing. Failure to follow OEM procedures will sacrifice the safety and quality of the repair.

For additional Tesla information, check out the Tesla OEM Information page.

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