Sectioning Information on the OEM Technical Information Matrix

Let's continue our breakdown of the columns in the OEM Technical Information Matrix. The fifth and sixth columns call out sectioning of two different areas. The fifth column is Structural Sectioning Procedures including front or rear rails. The sixth column is Outer Body Panel Sectioning Procedures including outer unisides and quarter panels.

"Can I section that?" is one of the most common question that is asked when making repair or replace decisions on structural parts or outer body panels. Sectioning is different than partial replacement at factory seams. Sectioning involves cutting and making a new joint or seam where there wasn't one originally. An example would be replacing the B-pillar portion of a seamless outer uniside. Partial replacement at factory seams is installing a portion of a larger part using the original attachment locations. An example would be using a service part that is a short portion of a rear rail that has a seam under the trunk floor.

As you can see from the OEM Technical Information Matrix, most OEMs have documented procedures for sectioning, even if they are limited to a few models.

For more detailed information on the availability of sectioning procedures or partial replacement at factory seams, check out the OEM Partial Part Replacement Search which can also be accessed from the left sidebar of this website.

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