Sectioning and Partial Part Replacement: 2017 Honda Civic Sedan

One of the top technical inquiries received at Ask I-CAR, “Is there a sectioning or partial replacement procedure available?” To help answer this question, RTS has an OEM Partial Part Replacement Search available. Here you will find information on if these procedures are available on a specific vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan.

The full OEM Partial Part Replacement Search page for the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan can be viewed on the I-CAR website. This will give you a good understanding on general areas for sectioning or partial replacement. I-CAR does not have permission to show exact locations for sectioning or the procedure itself. However, Honda has a repair information website, Service Express, with collision repair information.

The Civic Sedan does not allow sectioning for the front lower rail, rear rail, or the upper rail. There are warnings in the manual that prohibit sectioning. Per the 2017 Civic Sedan body repair manual, "Replace the front side frame and the front side backplate as an assembly. The front portion of the front side frame cannot be sectioned." There are, however, partial replacement procedures for both the front lower rail and the rear rail and multiple procedures for the upper rail.

The outer uniside can be sectioned in many different locations following the procedures in the body repair manual. The outer uniside can also be sectioned according to the guidelines published in the Honda Body Repair Manual Welding & Sectioning Guideline Revisions. There is no sectioning of the inner uniside or uniside reinforcements, full replacement is the only option.

Check out to view the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan body repair manual

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