BMW/Mini New Repair Site

If you have used the BMW/Mini repair information website since the first of the year, you may have noticed a message. This message was stating the BMW/Mini was transitioning from WebISTA to AIR for the delivery platform to find repair information. WebISTA has been removed from the BMW site as of March 1st. Let’s check out the new AIR platform and how to navigate it.

The new AIR site is set up a little differently from the previous WebISTA site. Luckily, we have been working on how to navigate the new platform to ease your transition to the new site. The articles, Step-By-Step and Collision Website Access, have been updated to reflect the new changes.

AIR allows the user to search by VIN or by entering the basic features. There is also, an AIR users guide located near the bottom of the AIR home page. This will give you more detailed information about different searches and navigation. After you have searched for the vehicle you want, you can either follow the steps in our article and video, or just type what you are looking for in the white search box. However, if you do not know what BMW/Mini nomenclature is for what you are looking for, it will not find it in the search. If you know the nomenclature, the quick search function may help you find what you are searching by narrowing down the results.

Repair procedures can change at any time, without notice so, make sure you always look up the most recent information. Always remember to reference and follow all OEM repair procedures when repairing a vehicle. Doing this will ensure you perform a safe and quality repair.

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