Your 2015 Favorites

What better way to start off the New Year than to take a look at some of your favorite things from the previous year? Let's recap 2015 by reviewing some of your favorite searches, questions and articles last year on the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support Portal.


Here you can see a snapshot of the most popular vehicle searches conducted on the RTS Portal last year from around the country.


Now let's take a look at your favorite Ask I-CAR questions.

Ask I-CAR questions are broken down into two categories, vehicle maker specific questions and I-CAR specific questions. In 2015, the most viewed questions for each category are listed at the bottom of most pages on the website.

The questions you submitted covered many of the most debated issues in the industry, including: recycled parts, general sectioning guidelines, kink vs. bend, sectioning procedures, and straightening issues.

Here are your Top Ten Questions for each category in 2015:


Finally, let's take a look at your favorite articles from 2015.

It's no surprise that the number one read article for the year was on the 2015 Ford F-150 Outer Box Side Replacement Options. Another hot topic for several years Update: Are General Sectioning Guidelines Still Applicable? continued in the number two spot. With MIG Brazing What Is It, Why Should I Use It? rounding out the top three.

Some of the other articles that were favorites include, "When Is A Scan Tool Required?" and "Special Guest Contributor: Chuck Olsen from Collision Diagnostic Services (CDS) - "Strategy Based Diagnostics in Collision Repair""