I-CAR Just In Time: Steel Repairability

Sometimes seeing is understanding, that’s why I-CAR's technical team created the Just in Time video series to guide you through a variety of collision repair topics from ADAS and EVs to repair tips and tricks. These videos enable you to, in less than 5 minutes, learn something new. Let’s check out what the team has for high-strength steel (HSS) repairability.

Scott VanHulle, RTS & OEM Relations Manager, and Scott Kaboos, OEM Technical Relations & SME Principal, discuss general HSS repairability. Exterior panels from some OEMs are now made out of HSS, which is around 340 MPa. The OEMs are looking to decrease weight and increase dent resistance by using HSS in areas such as door skins and quarter panels.

Just because it’s HSS doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired. Many OEMs provide construction material repairability information, which gives a general guideline on what is repairable. Digging deeper into repair procedures may be necessary to locate repairability guidelines.

When performing repairs, reviewing OEM guidelines for specific materials is critical. Always follow OEM vehicle-specific repair information for the most up-to-date repair procedures.

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