I-CAR Just In Time: Remove Coatings During Sectioning

Sometimes seeing is understanding, that’s why I-CAR's technical team created the Just in Time video series to guide you through a variety of collision repair topics from ADAS and EVs to repair tips and tricks. These videos enable you to, in less than 5 minutes, learn something new. Let’s check out what the team has for removing coatings during sectioning with limited access.

The Repairability Technical Support (RTS) team recently received a question about removing coatings when access is limited, such as for a sectioning location. Scott VanHulle, I-CAR Manager of RTS and OEM Technical Relations explains, "There is no simple answer, but you have to get creative."

Sometimes you must think outside the toolbox and create your own shop-made tool. This can include bent metal pieces, paint sticks, wooden dowel, or mixing spreader to name a few.

Just because it is hard to access an area does not void your responsibility to properly prepare a surface when performing tasks such as welding or adhesive bonding procedures.

Always follow OEM repair procedures when performing repairs, including proper panel preparations.

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