Identifying The Correct High-Voltage Disable Procedure: Mercedes-Benz

When researching Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you may notice multiple procedures for disabling the high-voltage (HV) system. Let’s see why there are multiple high-voltage disable procedures available from Mercedes-Benz.

In most late model Mercedes-Benz high-voltage vehicle-specific repair manuals two procedures are listed which may disable the high-voltage system. On a 2023 Mercedes EQE a technician should perform the Deenergize High-Voltage On-board Electrical System/Put High-Voltage On-board Electrical System Into Operation. This procedure utilizes a scan tool to disable the high-voltage system.

Mercedes-Benz states within the procedure: “If power disable cannot be performed with diagnostic system. Perform Manual Power Disabling For High-Voltage On-board Electrical System.”

The manual disable procedure physically isolates the HV system within the battery pack and verifies by physically measuring voltage of multiple components. The manual procedure requires the use of Mercedes-Benz approved personal protective equipment, and a HV DVOM.

Always follow OEM procedures and utilize personal protective equipment when working on high-voltage systems.

For additional Mercedes-Benz information, check out the Mercedes-Benz OEM Information page.

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