High-Voltage Disconnecting/Initialization Procedure

I-CAR and subject matter experts from vehicle makers, collision repairers, insurers, and tool and equipment makers held a meeting in May, to develop, update, and publish an I-CAR best practice for a High-Voltage (HV) Disconnecting/Initialization Procedure.


This published I-CAR Best Practice is an inter-industry developed and vetted guideline to be used in addition to the OEM procedures. This process does not take the place of any OEM procedures, OEM requirements, or contribute to any OEM specifications of skills, tooling, training, or equipment that enables a repair facility to work on high-voltage vehicles.

Only qualified high-voltage technicians with proper PPE are permitted to work on the high-voltage system. Repair facilities should always reference the documented OEM procedures for the make, model, and year of the vehicle before starting work to ensure a safe and proper repair.

This procedure is modeled after the European regulation ECE-R-100 to ensure that a vehicle is safe, as there is a higher level of potential injury if there is collision damage to the HV system.

The documents within the best practice include the:

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