Tesla Restraints Wiring: UPDATE

The question is often asked, "Can supplemental restraints system wiring be repaired?" The answer is: it depends on the vehicle maker. Let's take a look at Tesla's position on this subject.

In vehicle-specific collision repair procedures (body repair manuals) under General Repair Guidelines ➤ Electrical Harness Repair Guidelines, Tesla states: "The items listed below are repairable only by a Tesla Service Center, Regional Technical Specialist (RTS), or Field Technical Specialist (FTS). Contact Tesla Collision Repair for guidance if repairs are needed on of the following:"

  • "Supplemental restraint system (SRS) circuits, such as airbag and seatbelt"
  • "Airbag sensor and seat sensor"

Per Tesla, ONLY Tesla Service Center, Regional Technical Specialist, Field Technical Specialists can perform repairs to SRS circuits such as airbag and seatbelts.

Restraint wiring repairs are available but need to be done by a qualified Tesla specialist or facility.

For information on Tesla replacement and inspection items after a restraints deployment, go to the OEM Restraints System Part Replacement Search.

For additional Tesla information, check out the Tesla OEM Information page.

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